Goal: to lose weight

Be aware: this is only the goal of this diet, not necessarily its outcome. Results vary from person to person. Consult your doctor or dietician before starting this (or any other) diet.

Modifast - diet products and methods

Modifast is a brand of the Nutrition & Santé company, under which several diet products are sold. There are Modifast weight loss methods, which make use these diet products.

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The three Modifast methods

Modifast has three different methods for losing weight. The first method comes from 1977 and is called 'Modifast Intensive'. This method focuses on losing weight with daily food replacements. The second method, 'Modifast protein shape', is for people who want to lose a few pounds and stay fit. The newest method is called 'Modifast supplements'. This method is intended to supplement the first two methods.

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Modifast Intensive

The Modifast Intensive method lasts for maximum 6 weeks. You can choose from the 500 calorie and the 800 calorie variant.

Due to the low number of calories per day, this diet can be seen as a crash diet.

The 500-calorie variant of Modifast Intensive

The 500-calorie variant consists of three phases (phase A, B and C) and is meant to lose weight quickly. The Modifast products in this variant contain a total of 500 calories, divided by 3 products. Hence the name of this variant.

  • Phase A (3 weeks max.)

The first phase lasts a maximum of 3 weeks. In these weeks you eat 3 Modifast Intensive products a day (a milkshake or muesli for example). Additionally, you drink water or other calorie-free drinks and eat vegetables (for example cucumbers and/or carrots). You will not eat fruits in this phase.

  • Phase B (weeks 4 and 5)

In the second phase, you reduce the number Modifast products you consume. During week 4 you use 2 of these products per day. In week 5 you stick to one Modifast product per day.

To replace the Modifast products, you make your own meals. These should contain lots of vegetables, wholegrain cereals and a (lean) portion of fish, meat or meat substitutes.

  • Phase C (the last week)

In week 6 you switch back to 'normal' meals. You may replace one meal with a Modifast product every now and then.

The 800-calorie variant of Modifast Intensive

The 800-calorie variant consists of four phases (phase A, B, C and D) and is less intensive than the 500-calorie variant. The Modifast products in this variant contain 800 calories, divided over 4 products. Hence, you consume 800 calories per day.

  • Phase A (weeks 1 and 2)

The first phase lasts for 2 weeks. During these 2 weeks, you will eat 4 Modifast products per day. As with the 500-calorie variant, you drink water and/or calorie-free drinks, eat vegetables and avoid eating fruits.

  • Phase B (week 3)

In phase B, you switch to 3 Modifast products a day. In addition to these products, you eat a healthy meal with a portion of lean meat, fish or meat substitute, vegetables and whole grain cereals for dinner.

  • Phase C (weeks 4, 5 and 6)

In the third phase, you eat 2 Modifast products a day. In addition, you eat 2 light meals for lunch and dinner. For dinner, the rules for this dinner are the same as in phase B. For lunch you can have, for example, a slice of whole-wheat bread with low-fat toppings.

  • Phase D (week 7 and beyond)

In the last phase you return to having 3-4 healthy and light meals a day. You may replace a meal with a Modifast product every now and then.  

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Modifast protein shape

The Modifast protein shape method consists of 3 phases and lasts a week. The phases are: the attack phase (3 days), the progressive phase (2 days) and the normalisation phase (2 days). Because of the number of days, the method is also called the 3:2:2 method.

When you follow this method, you eat and/or drink Modifast protein shape products every day. These products are meant as protein-rich supplements to your daily diet. 

There are rules for what you eat and drink during the rest of the day. This differs per phase.

  • The attack phase (first 3 days)

For the first 3 days you eat low-fat yoghurt or quark, protein-rich products from Modifast and lots of vegetables. You also drink enough water. You’re not allowed to eat fruits, fat and products rich in carbohydrates (like pasta).

The vegetables can be eaten raw, but you can also boil or steam them, as long as you don't use any fat to prepare them. You eat two substantial portions of vegetables of 200-300 grams per per day (so a total of 400-600 grams per day). Notably, not all types of vegetables are allowed here.

  • The progressive phase (the 4th and 5th day)

In the progressive phase you are allowed a little more than in the attack phase. You can eat lean meat, white fish, crustaceans, shellfish, (olive) oil (half a teaspoon per day), fruits (1 piece per day) and wholemeal bread (1-3 slices per day).

  • The normalisation phase (the last 2 days)

The last 2 days you eat similar to the progressive phase, but with an extra piece of fruit and an extra half teaspoon of oil (or butter) per day. You are also allowed to eat a number of carbohydrate-rich products (e.g. bread, pasta or rice) every day. In this phase, alcohol is also allowed again (max. 1 glass of red wine a day).

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Modifast supplements

In addition to the Intensive and Protein shake methods, Modifast also offers supplements. The supplements include plant and fibre extracts and a are meant to support the you in the different methods. 

Be aware

Consult your doctor or dietician before starting this (or any) diet, especially if you have diabetes or kidney problems.

Books on this diet

The book 'My lifestyle diet' was written in collaboration with Modifast. In addition, the 'Modifast line and lifestyle programme' has been written about this diet.

Similar diets

Other diets that use diet products include the FormaFast diet, the Optavia diet and the Cambridge Diet.

In addition to Modifast, Gerlinéa and WeightCare are also Nutrition & Santé brands under which various meal replacements, snacks and supplements are sold. 

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  • Vegetables
  • Whole wheat products
  • Modifast products

Not allowed

  • Fruits (some phases)
  • Carbohydrates (less)
  • Alcohol (some stages)


  • Lose weight
  • Less sugar
  • Less carbohydrates
  • Supplement use


As you see fit

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With the professional help of a dietitian it should be easier to reach your goals. Please contact a dietician in your area or talk to a doctor before starting any diet.

General warnings

Please take note that most diets do not have a scientific basis.

Consult your doctor or dietician before starting a diet, especially if you have a chronic condition like diabetes, cardiovascular disease, lung disease or kidney disease.

Eating disorders

If you think you might have an eating disorder (like anorexia or bulimia), it is important to look for professional help. Contact your (house) doctor or find help elsewhere. Here you can find a list of several websites that can provide (online) help. These sites also provide information for people that know someone with an eating disorder.